Samsung original battery replacement

The lifespan of batteries are affected by their usage patterns and environments.
If you find yourself charging your phone too often,
and your battery life has noticeably diminished, visit your local Samsung Support Centre for advice.


Battery Deterioration


Normally, signs of battery deterioration include drastic decreases in battery life and unexpected shutdowns.
If this happens, your Galaxy device will either shut down, or activate a protective safety mechanism.

  • Electrochemical Deterioration of the Battery

    These events occur after repetitive battery use, resulting in electrochemical deterioration.
    High levels of deterioration could cause steep and instantaneous voltage drops,
    thereby resulting in the device shutting down in order to preserve the electrical components.
  • Shutdown Due to the Usage Environment

    An extremely cold environment may cause a greater drop in voltage.
    In this case, the device will shut down to protect its components.

Signs of Battery Deterioration

As battery efficiency decreases, the battery may deplete drastically or shut down,
even if the screen indicates that there is plenty of battery power left.
If you are having issues with a deteriorated battery, visit your local Samsung Support Centre for advice.

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