• • 2.4 Amp Home Charger
  • • Reliable and safe for all compatible devices
  • • stable power output for superior performance
  • • optimum power transmission
  • • portable and light weight design

Rs.1,400.00 Rs.2,200.00

Delivery (Working Days) 2 to 4 days

Keeping you mobile phone charged and ready to use is the first prerequisite of getting the most from your mobile life. With the Two Port Standard Charger CST-75, your phone is not out of commission while it is getting recharged. A cascadable connector allows you to piggy-back the system connector of your portable handsfree, USB cable, music cable or portable speakers into your mobile phone at the same time as it is being charged from the mains supply. So you can handle calls, listen to music or transfer files while your phone gets the power it needs to keep you in touch, in focus and in control all throughout the busy day.Compatible WithSony Ericsson: C510 C510i C702 C702i C901 C901i C902 C902i C903 C903i C905 C905i D750 D750i F305 F305i G502 G502i G700 G700i G705 G705i G900 G900i G902 G902i J100 J100i J220 J220i J230 J230i K200 K200i K200a K205 K205i K310 K310i K320 K320i K330 K330i K510 K510i K530 K530i K550 K550i K550im K610 K610i K610im K618 K618i K630 K630i K660 K660i K750 K750i K758 K770 K770i K790 K790i K800 K800i K810 K810i K850 K850i M600 M600i M608 P1 P1i P990 P990i R300 R300i R306 R306i S302 S302i S312 S312i S500 S500i S600 S600i T250 T250i T270 T270i T280 T280i T303 T303i T650 T650i T707 T707i TM506 V630 V630i V640 V640i W200 W200i W205 W205i W300 W300i W302 W302i W350 W350i W395 W395i W508 W508i W550 W550i W580 W580i W595 W595i W595s W600 W600i W610 W610i W618 W660 W660i W700 W700i W705 W705i W710 W710i W712 W715 W715i W760 W760i W800 W800i W810 W810i W830 W830i W850 W850i W880 W880i W888 W888i W890 W890i W900 W900i W902 W902i W910 W910i W950 W950i W960 W960i W980 W980i W995 W995i Z250 Z250i Z310 Z310i Z320 Z320i Z520 Z520i Z525 Z525i Z530 Z530i Z550 Z550i Z555 Z555i Z558 Z558i Z610 Z610i Z710 Z710i Z712 Z750 Z750i Z770 Z770i Z780 Z780i Z780a

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