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iPhone X Front Glass Replacement

Why you have to choose Mistermobile.lk for IPHONE x  Glass , IPHONE x   Display Replacement. Why you should Choose Mister Mobile for Display Replacement?


  • Because we do it better
  • Because we do it safer
  • Because we do it with a smile
  • We have a Professional Team
  • 20 Years’ Experience in Mobile Repair
  • 06 Months Warranty

From Rs.7,700.00

Delivery (Working Days) 2 to 4 days

iPhone  Screen replacement comes with 2 different grades: Original and A Grande


  • A –Grade Touch  &  Back Glass Doesn’t make a big impact on the price So its better to Go for an original Replacement since A grade Touch Smoothness Might not Be As Good As an Original
  • Original – When it Come for an original Replacement We normally Replace it with a OCA brand Touch as Well as Third-party original Back Glass Which Retains The Essence Of the 100% Original Product

Special Note : We Do not Guarantee that a Touch Digitizer Replacement  will be 100% Successful During the Repair process there is a high possibility that the Display Might Get Damaged During the Repair Process .Mister Mobile Shall take no responsibility for the Damage which might occur during the process , if the you willing to take the risk we are happy to process the repair. There is a high chance that the Display might Get damage and you will have to replace a new Display but since it’s a original Display we would recommend that its worth trying .



Why you should Choose Mister Mobile for Mobile Repair. Because we have a specialized team in  IPhone   mobile Repair in Sri Lanka,  IPhone  Mobile Display  Replacement, IPhone  Mobile Display  Replacement and etc. We do have a Professional Team with 20 Years’ Experience in Mobile Repair so we do it better, safer With a Smile.


Our Services includes


We offer a wide range of mobile repair services. For example, we provide   IPHONE x   DISPLAY, IPHONE x   Display replacement, IPHONE x   DISPLAY, IPHONE x    mobile repair in Sri Lanka, IPHONE x   DISPLAY, IPHONE x   Display replacement in Sri Lanka, and IPHONE x   DISPLAY, IPHONE x    motherboard repair. Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests to identify any malfunctioning parts. Once confirmed, our technician will proceed with the repair.

Glass Quality :

A Grade, Original

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